Chennai Coastal Cleanup - 7 June, 2015


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05 FEB

Chennai Coastal Cleanup3 - 2012

From Marina to Kovalam

2369 volunteers turned up yesterday to clean-sweeped the 2nd largest beach in the world removing 17.6 tonnes of garbage in order to send a strong message of environmental awareness through our society.

A shared concern of natural preservation brought together 60 teams including 1000 CTCians and individual volunteers, 17 companies, 12 villages, 9 colleges, 5 non-profits, 3 schools and 3 homes teaming up together for this massive cleanup operation.

The volunteers collected 1865 large bags of garbage across 13 target beach zones spreading over 15km from Marina till Injambakkam.

An organizing team of nearly 100 passionate CTCians including 40 group coordinators, 27 photographers, 8 media coordinators and 20 logistics/support volunteers showed amazing persistence in working countless hours and late nights in the past weeks in between their full-time day jobs to make this massive social operation a success.

Today we restored the original natural beauty of our beaches. Today we showed the world that there are thousands of like-minded souls out there which strongly care about our environment and preservation. Volunteers from all age groups from kuttie papaas to senior citizens worked side by side behind this common cause.